Who We Are

The community of Mile Two Church exists for one simple reason, to help each other know Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him. We gather as a multi-ethnic, multi-generational family to share our hearts and use our gifts to serve one another and help each other win at what really matters in life.

Where We're Headed

More than anything, we desire to create a place that we all can call home. Home is a place of safety, support and belonging. Home is a place where we can be ourselves and play our part. Home is a place you can always come back to, to connect with those who love you and those you love. Like most families, we have our challenges, but we're committed to sticking together and supporting each other.

What This Means For You

We hope you feel at home when you come to a Mile Two gathering. Like any home, we have different "rooms" that offer various opportunities to learn and connect. That means, whether you're attending a Sunday gathering, meeting in a small group or enjoying a community event, we will always have room for you, and we hope you feel at home.

What We Value

Like we mentioned before, more than anything, we desire to create a place that we all can call home, but beyond that you might be wondering what we prioritize and value. Hopefully this can clear things up a bit better.

With Jesus at the centre of everything we do, we are a church with four simple values; Reaching Out, Bringing In, Building Up, and Passing On. Allow us to elaborate:


Reaching Out

We are a church that is boldly reaching the lost, hurting and the de-churched in creative and spirit-led ways. Our reach is local, national and international.


Bringing In

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that people will call HOME. The body of Christ is a family, so we hope to be a family that is fully devoted to one another as we become fully devoted to Jesus.


Raising Up

Mile Two is a church where people can heal and grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Every great relationship is built on trust, so we intentionally invite and encourage everyone to grow in their trust relationship with Jesus.


Passing On

The next generation deeply matters to us. In fact, if what we’re doing is not connecting with the next generation then we feel the need to change what we’re doing. Mile Two makes it a priority to connect with parents, kids & students and help them win at what really matters.