Day 3 - God is All-Powerful

Do you remember when you were in high school math, and the teacher tried to explain infinity to you? Did it really make sense? Could you really wrap your brain around it? Probably most people don’t think about it much after high school, because we don’t deal with it very often (unless you’re a theoretical physicist or something). We’re just not faced with situations where we need to understand it.


We hear about the US debt being trillions of dollars, and that’s a lot. If you tried counting up to a trillion, it would take you over 30,000 years (don’t try it at home). But even if you could count to a trillion, you would still be no closer to infinity than when you started counting! How do you deal with that? Well, we can’t really deal with it because our minds are finite. In fact everything on this earth is finite – everything can be measured in one way or another. Everything has an end or a limit to it.


But infinity is different – it has no end, no limit, and no boundaries. It is unending. Thinking about it can make your brain hurt.


But what’s important for us is that God is infinite. He is limitless and unending. He is the One who created this universe, and He understands it from the quark to the superstring. He had enough power to create everything in the universe, including all its power and energy. But even after doing that, He had no less power than when He started.


His power is limitless. There is nothing He cannot do (Jer 32:27). He never gets tired, He never needs to be recharged, He never has to sleep (Ps 121:3-4). He is phenomenal!


When you allow God to work in your life, you will experience that He is amazing. You can never face a problem too big for God. Not only does He have the solution – He is the solution!





What do you think of when you try to think of infinity?


Think of how comforting it is to know that God, who is for you, is all-powerful.

Mile Two Church